Latest Jobs Openings at the Healthcare Department in Lahore

    Job Category: Private
    Job Type: Full Time
    Job Location: Lahore
    Hiring Organization: Health Department Punjab
    Posted Date: 09 June 2024

    Jobs Description

    The Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, has announced a series of jobs openings in the management sector. These vacancies, which span various roles, offer an excellent opportunity for individuals with qualifications ranging from Intermediate to Master’s degrees. If you are looking to make a significant impact in the healthcare management field, this could be your chance. Below is a detailed overview of the available positions, application process, and requirements.

    Job Details and Vacancies

    As per the advertisement published on June 9, 2024, in the Daily Express Tribune Newspaper, the following positions are available:

    • Accountant
    • Computer Operator
    • Assistant Director Environmental Health
    • Research Associate
    • Assistant Director
    • Assistant
    • Assistant Director Public Health
    • IT Specialist
    • Receptionist
    • Data Analyst
    • Storekeeper

    These roles are full-time positions based in Lahore and fall under the government sector, specifically within the Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department.

    Educational Requirements

    The job openings are suitable for candidates with varying levels of education, including:

    • Intermediate
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Master’s Degree

    Candidates must ensure they meet the educational qualifications specified for each role to be considered eligible for the application process.

    Application Process

    The application process for these positions is straightforward but requires careful attention to detail. Here are the steps you need to follow:

    • Read the Complete Advertisement:
      • The full advertisement is available online and in the Daily Express Tribune Newspaper. It is crucial to read through the entire ad to understand the specific requirements and responsibilities associated with each position.
    • Prepare Your Documents:
      • Ensure you have all necessary documents ready, including educational certificates, CNIC,


    The Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department offers a diverse range of roles, each critical to the organization’s mission of enhancing public health and management efficiency. Here is an expanded look at the job responsibilities and qualifications for each position:

    Detailed Job Responsibilities

    1. Accountant:
      • Responsibilities: Oversee financial operations, prepare and analyze financial statements, ensure compliance with accounting standards, and manage budgeting and forecasting activities.
      • Qualifications: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or a related field. Prior experience in a similar role is advantageous.
    2. Computer Operator:
      • Responsibilities: Manage data entry tasks, maintain computer systems, assist in IT troubleshooting, and ensure data security.
      • Qualifications: Intermediate or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related fields. Proficiency in common software applications and basic IT support knowledge is required.
    3. Assistant Director Environmental Health:
      • Responsibilities: Develop and implement environmental health policies, conduct research on environmental health issues, and ensure compliance with health regulations.
      • Qualifications: Master’s degree in Environmental Science, Public Health, or related disciplines. Experience in environmental health management is preferred.
    4. Research Associate:
      • Responsibilities: Conduct public health research, analyze health data, prepare research reports, and assist in policy development.
      • Qualifications: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Public Health, Epidemiology, or related fields. Strong analytical and research skills are necessary.
    5. Assistant Director:
      • Responsibilities: Assist in administrative tasks, manage projects, support senior management, and oversee departmental operations.
      • Qualifications: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Management, Public Administration, or related fields. Experience in a supervisory role is beneficial.
    6. Assistant:
      • Responsibilities: Provide administrative support, manage communications, schedule meetings, and handle documentation.
      • Qualifications: Intermediate or Bachelor’s degree. Strong organizational and communication skills are required.
    7. Assistant Director Public Health:
      • Responsibilities: Oversee public health programs, develop health policies, monitor public health initiatives, and ensure community health standards.
      • Qualifications: Master’s degree in Public Health or related fields. Extensive experience in public health management is essential.
    8. IT Specialist:
      • Responsibilities: Manage IT infrastructure, provide technical support, implement new technologies, and ensure cybersecurity.
      • Qualifications: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science. Certifications like CCNA, MCSE, or similar are advantageous.
    9. Receptionist:
      • Responsibilities: Manage front desk operations, handle inquiries, direct visitors, and maintain visitor logs.
      • Qualifications: Intermediate or Bachelor’s degree. Excellent customer service and communication skills are needed.
    10. Data Analyst:
      • Responsibilities: Analyze health data, prepare statistical reports, support data-driven decision-making, and assist in research activities.
      • Qualifications: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Data Science, Statistics, or related fields. Proficiency in data analysis tools and software is required.
    11. Storekeeper:
      • Responsibilities: Manage inventory, ensure proper storage of supplies, maintain inventory records, and coordinate with suppliers.
      • Qualifications: Intermediate or Bachelor’s degree. Experience in inventory management is preferred.

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    How to Apply

    Applying for these positions involves several key steps:

    1. Review the Advertisement:
      • Carefully read the advertisement published on June 9, 2024, in the Daily Express Tribune Newspaper. Ensure you understand the specific requirements and responsibilities for each position you are interested in.
    2. Prepare Application Documents:
      • Gather all necessary documents, including educational certificates, CNIC, domicile, recent photographs, and any other required documents mentioned in the advertisement.
    3. Submit Your Application:
      • Applications should be submitted by June 26, 2024, as indicated in the advertisement. Ensure your application is complete and submitted on time. Late applications are typically not considered.
    4. Follow the Specified Application Process:
      • The advertisement will specify the application process, which might include submitting documents online through an official portal or physically delivering them to a specified address. Follow these instructions carefully to ensure your application is processed.
    Key Considerations
    • Eligibility: Ensure you meet the educational and experience requirements for the position you are applying for. Incomplete applications or those that do not meet the eligibility criteria will not be considered.
    • Application Deadline: The closing date for applications is June 26, 2024. It is crucial to submit your application well before this date to avoid any last-minute issues.
    • Contact Information: Make sure to provide accurate contact information in your application so that the Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department can reach you for further steps in the hiring process.

    The Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department in Lahore offers a variety of management positions suitable for candidates with different educational backgrounds and professional experiences. By following the application guidelines and ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria, you can take the first step towards a rewarding career in the healthcare management sector. Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to public health and make a meaningful impact in your community. Apply before the deadline and embark on a new professional journey.

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